Hyphen Pain Management Center

Easily unlock your data from Hyphen and blend it with your other data sources

Extracting and blending data across HomeFront and BuildPro and combining that data with other sources is needlessly complicated. And unfortunately the built-in reporting is severely limited and not suitable for modern analytics. This presents a huge challenge for many organizations in that they have a foundational gap in their data coverage and lack the skills and resources to address it.  

We recently developed a data analytics service that easily combines data from HomeFront and BuildPro, as well as additional sources like Salesforce, Sage Intact, and many others. All of this is hosted in our secure cloud and requires no IT administration or footprint on your part.

Our service is hosted in our Microsoft Azure based platform with dashboards and reporting via Microsoft Power BI. Microsoft Active Directory is supported for security and authentication. Our solution can be deployed to your company’s Azure tenant as well.

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