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Waterloo Data

Matt Brown, Founder and CEO

Matt founded Waterloo Data in 2009 and continues to focus the company on delivering successful outcomes for our clients.  This customer first attitude is the fundamental driver behind our success.  Matt takes pride in leading Waterloo to help companies become more analytical by delivering data warehouse functionality, business intelligence environments, and creating customer analytic solutions.  Before Waterloo Data, Matt ran the commercial software practice at Alliance Global Services providing outsourced product development teams for embedded BI/Analytics and enterprise Java/.NET applications. Prior to Alliance, Matt was a Partner at Fusion Technologies where he grew the Southwest consulting business significantly year over year in addition to leading Fusion’s outsourced product development practice.  Matt started his career at Accenture developing customer analytics solutions for large insurance and financial service companies. Matt is a graduate of The University of Texas in Austin and enjoys mountain biking the trails of Central Texas.



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