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Over the past few years we have been working with a number of companies that are adopting what are being labeled as SaaS 2.0 Metrics.  These metrics have been evangelized by SaaS thought leaders such as Joel York and Dave Skok as providing a set of business measurements that are specific to SaaS and subscription based businesses.  Over the course of the past few years we have helped many organizations put in the infrastructure necessary to capture and measure these metrics.  We have packaged up all the lessons learned and IP we have developed along the way and are now offering a packaged solution to help customers quickly get up and running with these critical metrics.

Get the Answers You Need Now

What is your true customer lifetime value (LTV) and how much should you invest in new customer acquisition (CAC)? What is your LTV:CAC ratio by lead source? What are your month-over-month MRR numbers? What percentage of the customers you sign today will be with you in 6 months?  Which customers are likely to leave? What can you do to retain them BEFORE they go? What channels work and what channels don’t work? How do you determine the value of specific customers and customer segments? How do you ensure your Net Promoter Program is actionable and aligned with your mission? Are there sweet spots in the market you are missing?  Can you get the valuations you need for your next capital raise?

Hosted or On-Premises, YOUR Choice

Our hosted solution is offered on Waterloo’s cloud based data warehouse / BI platform taking advantage of Amazon Web Services and world class BI Analytic tools. We provide all the infrastructure including our best-of-breed churn analytic data model with a complete set of ETL scripts that can be easily customized and configured to meet your data freshness requirements. The underlying technology consists of Hadoop, Talend, Redshift, SQL Server Analysis Services (for cube support), and is integrated with multiple BI platforms including Tableau, Qlik, Jaspersoft, Yellowfin, and Cognos. Our overall framework provides the ability to quickly configure a solution to meet you needs.

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