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Our firm provides complete solutions for data warehousing, business intelligence, and advanced analytics. Clients enjoy working with us because we are vendor neutral and focused on delivering the best solution within their budget and overall project constraints. We have helped everyone from Fortune 100 clients design and implement complex marketing databases and enterprise data warehouses to SMB organizations who are tired and frustrated with manual data extracts and have outgrown Excel based reporting to cutting edge SaaS companies who are seeking to embed analytics in their platform. Our most popular solutions are outlined below.


Vendor and Tool Evaluations

Don’t engage with the vendors till you speak with us 🙂 We have over 100 years of combined experience in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and Advanced Analytics. We know how the vendors price their tools and how much you should expect them to discount from list. Use our pre-built vendor scorecards based on meeting requirements across multiple industries and different data work loads. Showcase your data in our Insight Lab to see how your data performs across multiple tools. Learn More »

Embedded Analytics 

Embedding analytics into your platform leads to additional revenue streams and happy customers. When considering an embedded analytics solution, the visualization layer is just one of the engineering challenges you will need to solve. Is your analytic data model separate from your transactional model and optimized for fast READS? Is your underlying storage/compute platform able to scale and support unpredictable workloads? Is your data transformation layer capable of refreshing the data available to customers within an acceptable window of time? Learn More »

Analytics Infrastructure Development

In many cases our clients have the necessary skills to build analytical applications and infrastructure in house and yet they still call us for best practices on data management, data architecture, ETL design, and overall solution development. Savvy customers recognize that by bringing in a team of outside experts who are solely focused on helping them succeed, they greatly accelerate their delivery and de-risk their implementation. Learn More »

Visualization Development

We provide certified consultants across all the major visualization platforms including Cognos, QlikView, Tableau, Jaspersoft, Yellowfin and others to quickly integrate with your team and produce amazing visualizations and dashboards. Our consultants can review your existing implementation and provide a quick assessment of your current state and then quickly produce report and dashboard content that will delight your partners and customers. Learn More »


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